Conference Program

Revolution & Socialism

  • 101: Democratic Socialism: Can it work?
  • 101: Trotsky and the Russian revolution
  • Revolt in Algeria & Sudan: the return of the Arab Spring

Racism & The Far Right

  • Free Palestine: Challenging Apartheid Israel
  • Why is the far right on the rise in Europe?
  • Misogyny, women and the far right
  • Panel: Resisting racist Australia

Climate Crisis

  • 101: A socialist response to global warming
  • The metabolic rift: Marxism and ecology

Gender & Sexuality

  • 101: Capitalism and the construction of gender and sexuality
  • Gay Liberation in Australia

Marxist Theory

  • 101: Marx's theory of social class
  • Manufacturing consent: the media and social control
  • Gramsci: the state, civil society and hegemony
  • Can humans live collectively?
  • The capitalist struggle for control: automation and the manufacturing of insecurity

WA History

  • Radicalism on the Fremantle docks
  • Forging a racist state: the Frontier Wars in WA

More sessions & Guest Speakers to be announced