Socialism is an anti-capitalist conference featuring sessions on racism and the far right, WA’s hidden radical history, the climate crisis, gender and sexuality, Marxist theory and more.

It is a space to meet activists, discuss radical ideas and organise resistance.

The conference spans 2 days, with multiple sessions in every timeslot.

For newer radicals, there’s Marxism 101 sessions, designed to introduce you to socialist ideas. For more seasoned leftists, there’s sessions on Marxist theory and history.

Every session features a talk and a discussion, so you’re able to ask questions, contribute your thoughts and hear from other attendees.

Featuring Sessions On
Revolution & SocialismCurrent Issues
Racism & The Far RightThe Climate Crisis
Gender & SexualityWA History
Theory & Debates

AUGUST 17 & 18

At the University of Western Australia