Saturday August 17


From Chernobyl to Roxby Downs: Nuclear power, uranium mining and the destruction of the planet

Why is the far right on the rise in Europe?

Radical WA: Radicalism on the Freo docks - with Socialist wharfie


101: Marx’s Theory of Social Class

Can humans live collectively?

Revolt in Algeria & Sudan: the return of the Arab Spring


Capitalism and the construction of gender and sexuality

Refugee speaks out: Understanding the Crisis on Manus

The Metabolic rift: Marxism and ecology


101: Working class democracy: the alternative to capitalism

The capitalist struggle for control: automation and the manufacturing of insecurity

PANEL: Misogyny, women and the far right


Sunday August 18


Sanders, Corbyn & AOC: Can Democratic Socialism work?

Trump vs the world: the state of US imperialism today

A history of gay liberation in Australia


101: Trotsky and the Russian Revolution

Gramsci: the state, civil society & hegemony

Rebellion in Hong Kong today


101: Fighting to end capitalism: why we need a socialist organisation

Popular Front in France

James Baldwin, Rage, Racism and African American literature