Saturday August 13

10:00 AM

Why Marx was right about capitalism

Racism, prisons and police in WA today

Through the mirror darkly: Capitalism and Artificial Intelligence

11:45 AM

The socialist theory of the state

Convicts and class struggle in early colonial Australia with Michael Quinlan

Hanson Haters: Fighting the far right in the 1990s

2:15 PM

Why you should be a socialist today

4:15 PM

Sexism, transphobia and the capitalist construction of gender

The Struggle for a free Palestine with special guests

The politics of Frantz Fanon's anti-colonialism

6:00 PM

Anti War Songs featuring the Lunettes

Sunday August 14

10:00 AM

Why capitalism breeds war

From Trump to Meloni: The global far right today

11:45 AM

Revolution on film

Australia, the USA and the drive to nuclear war

Market solutions and green washing: The new climate denialism

2:15 PM

Stalin vs Trotsky: The final showdown

Out of the closets and into the streets: Gay + trans liberation from Mardi Gras to today

The sleeping giant: the Chinese working class today

4:15 PM

Class Struggle in Europe today with special guests

From H.G. Wells to Ursula Le Guin: socialist sci-fi

6:00 PM

Closing panel: Crisis capitalism and the fight for international socialism