Saturday August 10

10:00 AM

Abolish Banksia Hill: WA's racist torture camp for kids

Climate crisis & destruction: understanding capitalism & the profit motive

11:30 AM

Marx's theory of alienation

21st century revolution, Marxism and the working class

Reform vs revolution: Can we get to socialism through parliament?

2:00 PM

Why you should be a socialist today

3:00 PM

What's left of Labor? Albanese's neoliberal and militarist agenda

The life and politics of Rosa Luxemburg

What does revolution look like?

5:00 PM

Radical UWA walking tour

How the anti-Vietnam war movement won

Sunday August 11

10:00 AM

Sexism, homophobia & transphobia: why capitalism needs oppression

Biden vs Trump: the farce of US democracy

11:45 AM

The politics of Palestinian mass rebellion: the first Intifada

Explaining the far-right resurgence in Europe

The real story of the Russian revolution

2:15 PM

Israel's genocide in Gaza and the fight for a free Palestine

Spanish civil war: worker's revolution against fascism

Workers control: snapshots from Australian history

4:15 PM

The limits of "lived experience" and intersectionality

A political economy of social media

6:00 PM

Closing panel